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Photobucket Sunday, December 14, 2008Photobucket
New Bloggy

Hey! I just wanna leave my new blog address. Feel free to check it out!

It's http://my-celestialhaven.blogspot.com

See ya!

written at 2:02 AM

Photobucket Thursday, December 11, 2008Photobucket

Hey!! This is definitely the last post, kayy?
Andrea tagged me! This is it..

What's your favourite colour ?
umm.. blue, green, orange and purple...i think.

Who is the most important to you ?
God, family and friends!

How often do you think if committing suicide ?
umm. When I'm seriously angered? Which was a long time ago. Yeah. Hehe!

Do you have enough confidence ?

How many babies you want ?
2! Too many babies get on my nerves. Hehe! Watta bad ass i am.

Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after a rain ?
Yup! They look nice. Why?

Who is the one who cheers you up and supports you ?
My friends, mostly. I don't really go to my parents much. Hehe! But we're still close.

Do you believe in eternal love ?
Of course! What's Twilight?

Do you think the person who tagged you, likes to play kidnapping ?
Uh-huh! Hehe!

What are you really afraid of ?
Creepy crawlies, the dark and insects.

What is your bad habit ?
Erh.. Gets jealous of people?.. I mean, noobody's perfect right?

Do you have a secret crush ?
Not at the moment, sorrehh!

Do you cherish every single friendship of yours ?
What d' you mean "every"? But I do! Am a good person!

What does flying means to you ?
Being free!!!

What do you currently crave ?
Urh.. Eggtarts? :D

Are you single or in a relationship ?
Is that meant as an insult? ;D

Describe the person who tagged you in 7 words.
Andrea is a sweet, nice, good-crazy, gorgeous, kind, talkative and awesome friend!

What have you done to make yourself happy ?
Practically everything!

What is the worse case scenario that has happened to you in your life ?
Hmm. Too embarassing! Hug another person thinking he was my dad. That was when I was 6?

Who's the worst person in your life ?
That will remain a secret. But I'll give you a hint: That One. ;D

*Notify the people you tag in their cbox that they've been tagged.
% Debra
% Shereen
% Nithya
% ViVian
% Sarah Ng
% Sarah Clare
% Yeun May
% Brenda

written at 10:44 PM

The time..

Okay, first things first, this is officially the last post for this blog.
I'm gonna establish a new blog when I arrive in Australia.

This is so surreal. The last thing I want is to open my eyes and realize I'm not in Malaysia anymore.
Everything is going to be new. A fresh start, or a new life, as my mum calls it.
I say it's a new life alright. I'll be the freaky new girl again. It's gotta be hard making friends.
Just for everyone's information, I'm not being racist. Hehe!

Now that I mention it, I'm so gonna miss my friends here. Insane as they are, I still love them!
You know, my mother's suffering from what I would like to call A Teary Farewell. We are on a last visit to see my great-grandma, and they were hugging and my great-grandma was sobbing, my mum crying silently, though she refused to admit it when I questioned her about it just a moment ago.

My mum was never known to be emotional. She's cool and calm. Ya' know.
I, myself don't feel to upset about leaving, just irked and angered about having to leave my friends here.

Tomorrow will be the day of dread. Why isn't it in block letters, you ask me, seeing as it's a day of such utmost importance. It doesn't deserve any kind of attention drawn towards it.
Okay. My anxiety and nervousness has taken effect on my mind, thus making me sound weird. Pay no notice to that, alright?

I feel reluctant about logging off just yet, so please be patient while I attempt to reason with my stubbornness.
But, knowing me, I was never the one to make peace.

Ok. My mental illness strikes again! Haha! See you around!

written at 9:37 PM

Photobucket Tuesday, December 9, 2008Photobucket

Ok. Maybe the last post wasn't technically the last one ever. But one thing's for sure, you'll never hear the end of me!

So. Went to watch Wild Child with Emily and Gerald. Does my sister count? (hehe)
It was great!
K. So it tells about a total rich and rebellious Malibu princess, Poppy Moore, played by Emma Roberts, got shipped off to a super-strict boarding School in England as the result of an over-the-top prank played on her step-mom. She made friends with her dorm-mates, caught the eye of the super cute English guy a.k.a The Headmistress's son, got on the head girl's nerves and stuff. Together with her new friends, they thought of a plan to help Poppy to get expelled. As time passed by, her relationship with her dorm-mates grew more intimate, and suddenly, Poppy doesn't find "Operation Freedom" such a great idea anymore. Unfortunately, a huge misunderstanding leads Poppy's new-found friends and Freddie the hottie to dislike her. And, as if things weren't ruined enough in her new life, the head girl's jealousy of Poppy being in the center of attention that a devious plan entered her mind. She wanted Poppy out of the school, big time. So she accused her of setting a fire in the kitchen, when it was actually her own doing. But, she was busted.

In the end, everthing turns out well. As usual.


Things are going pretty great for me in these past few days. We are getting treated to free lunches and dinners lately. And by we I mean my mum, sister and myself. It is absolutely great!

So far, I've only came up with a good enough conclusion to this major disaster. I'm sure you guys are smart enough to figure out what I mean. It's that I'm totally glad to be able to reconcile with my dad again soon. Other than that, everything's gonna suck.

I hope to be able to go online again soon.
Lotsa love!

written at 3:42 AM

Photobucket Saturday, December 6, 2008Photobucket
Might be.

Heyy again!

This might be the last post i'm publishing in.
So, yeah.

Today's post is gonna be all about random issues.

I have just recently developed a crazing for... Eggtarts!!!
Thanks to my grandfather, who, somehow, found a store which sells mini eggtarts.

Wow! They were mouth-watering. Fresh out of the oven.
And I've never liked eggtarts before!
So that's a miracle.
Silly, really. I'm never ever refusing anything before ever trying it first ever again.
Ok. What's with the 'evers"?! :p
Besides, I am not against food. Hehe :D

And I've decided to go on a diet physically and spiritually.
It would be wise if there aren't any curious enquiries regarding this, you know what I'm saying, eh? ;D

Ok, whatever that was.

For physically, I'm gonna start eating more greens and cut down on my fried food intake. But I can't really completely go veggie, I mean, we humans eat whatever that tastes delicious, never actually caring if it's harmful to the health.

I came across this E! THS Investigates on Diet Fads programme just the other day, and the advice of the profesional dieticians was undeniably true. Though the idea of shoving raw, never-cooked-before, natural fruits into the pinehole ( excuse me on upon the use of foul words. Hey, i'm a teen, give us a break! ;D ) just doesn't appeal to me. Infact, it sounds downright revolting. Not a very pretty sight.

As for the spiritual dieting, I mean less foul words, more devotion and commitment has to be shown towards God, etc.etc..

I'm sure my plan should work, if I put my heart into it.
what th crap??

Kay, that's all for today..
Sure hope to see you soon!!

written at 10:39 PM

Photobucket Friday, December 5, 2008Photobucket
Am Back!

A million of apologies for not updating my blog for a long period of time!!

Things were the usual these past few weeks.

I went for a day out with Belinda and Debra.
To Gardens/Mid Valley.
About a couple of weeks ago.
It was unusually fun.

Frankly, it was the very first time I've been out alone with my friends!
So you could probably imagine the excitement!!!

We went around exploring.
Not actually getting anything in Gardens.
Just satisfying ourselves by looking at it.
In other terms, yes, window-shopping.
Fascinating right?

But the food in Gardens stipulated a tasty treat at an amazingly reasonable price.
We had Japanese, for your unnecessary information.

Countless stores in Mid Valley sell gorgeous accessories!!
Okay. Take not the slightest notice at that exclaim.
I ran out of stuff to say, so I babbled a little. ;D

Then, life pretty much suck as we endured, well, Belinda, Yi Hua and me, to be exact, many weeks for the
Twilight Movie.

Debra was supposed to come along with us, but something came up, so she couldn't make it.

We were understandably jittery with the excitement and the nerves!!

But the movie turned out to be quite a huge dissapointment.
And half of it has nothing to do with shaggy, grizzly Robert Pattinson.

Naturally. Kristen Stewart was made for Bella.
On the contrary, Robert Pattinson was the wrong person for Edward.

Many scenes was, sadly, cut off.

And they only kissed once.
If I wasn't mistaken, they were supposed to kiss three times!

But whatever, what's done has been done.

At least there's one reassurance..
Carlisle, or Peter Facinelli, and Emmett, Kellan Lutz are sooo hawt!

Pale white is sooo the new tanned skin!!

Then just a few days ago, we watched this movie,Wushu.
It tells the story of five children trained to master the martial arts.
It's actually all about striving to do better, determination, perseverance and I think there's a bit about courage.
So yeah, it's not much of a difference than the other movies of the same genre.

We also caught a movie just yesterday.
The animation Bolt.
Yeah. It's action-packed and quite hilarious.
Tells the story of a movie-star superdog, who believes that all of his powers are real.
This misunderstanding leads him on a great rescue mission to save Penny, the girl whom he believes was
abducted by a villian. Along with the help of a cat and a hamster in a ball, he discovers his true self, and
finally saves the day! I can't tell you everything, you will have to watch it on your own.
By the way, the movie's 3-D. Starring Miley Cyrus and John Travolta.

I have unconsciously done a count-down for myself.
And it looks like we only have less than 3 weeks 'til my family departs for Australia..
But, I suppose it's for our best.

One thing's for sure.
During the period of your shifting/ migration to goodness knows where, brace yourself for weeks of suffer and
sacrifices, and there might be a possible case of pure annoyance at almost everything. Trust me. I know.

These are based on true experiences. Mark my friggin' words people!!
Don't worry, the fury isn't targeted on you innocent readers, just on something else.

I really hope I would be able to keep in contact with everyone I knew here..
And that I can be prepared for the new life over at down under.

Love you guys..
Toddles peep!

written at 8:13 PM

Photobucket Thursday, November 13, 2008Photobucket
It is..

1K did badly in the post examinations.
We only won one match of chess and one of ping pong, though you can hardly call that a huge accomplishment.
Right now, loss definitely triumphs over wins.
!W was dead on this year.
They won almost everything.

Well, to be frank, this dosen't really concern me much.
People are totally stressing out on their not really redundunt holiday homework.

Pity them. You can do it people!!
Have faith!! :)
I'm Such a sadist!!

Class Party was on today, and it can only be described in One Word.


And to cut a long story short, the party was pure fun!
Someone cranked some cool jams on, Kenn Rhoung doing a rockstar impersonation with a broom as a makeshift guitar, us girls totally cam-whoring, Jolene tying some balloons around her waist which look Just Wrong, me crying when asked to say some sort of a farewell message to the class, me not literally wolfing down food(it was NICE!!),taking pictures for remembrance, and just Chatting!!

We were supposed to bring masks, hats and er, funny hats :D but not everyone managed it, including me, (erhemm!!) so we sorta have to be forfeited..

I am "punished" with a friggin' task to cut a friggin' paper heart and give it to Mr.***. Due to confidentiality issues, the name of the subject related is not to be disclosed. (formal much?!) :D

Bel's was easy!! She just have to recite the chapters in our History textbook.
Screw You!! XD!!

Nits said I am so much of a poser, in a good way. XD
She had also filmed a video of everyone and is intending to name it

The Crazy Life of 1Kayy!!
I think it gonna be uploaded to YouTube. :D

And the pictures we took are gonna be on Facebook(?!), I think.

So yeah, today was an awesome day, a day which I will no doubt, always cherish.
Thanks 1K!!!

Oh yeah, here's my message!!
"1K is The Best and The Most Awesome!!! You Guys totally Rock!!!"

written at 6:35 AM


i'm a jolly retard!!
suannix is a jolly lolly looloo in the head

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